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PRICE SENSITIVE INFORMATION : Holding of 5th Extra- Ordinary General Meeting of the Bank for: A) Rights Issue of Share @ I R : 2, B) Issuance of Subordinate Debt (Bond) for Tk. 200 crore, C) Amendment of Article 94 of the Articles of Association of the Company.
The Board of Directors of Southeast Bank Limited in its 340th Meeting held on August 11,2009 commencing from 11:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. took the following price sensitive decisions: i) Recommended Rights Issue of Shares at the rate of 1(one) (R): 2(two)i.e. 1(one)right share for every 2(two) shares of Tk.100/- each held by the Shareholders with a premium of Tk. 60/-(Taka sixty) only for each new share (one Right Share price will be Tk.160/-) subject to approval of regulatory authorities and the shareholders in the EGM. ii) The Board has also recommended to increase capital fund by floating Subordinated Debt (Bond) for Tk.200.00 crore subject to approval of regulatory authorities and the share holders in the EGM iii) 5th Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) for approval of Rights Issue of shares and Subordinate Debt (Bond) by the share holders will be held on September 24,2009. iv) Venue of the 5th EGM will be declared later on. v) Record Date for EGM : September 01,2009 vi) Another record date shall be given immediately after getting approval from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the rights issue of shares. The share holders whose names will appear in the Register of Members on that Record Date will be entitled to the proposed Right Shares.
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